TV Ratings April 12: The Front Bar joins Seven’s winning Comm Games lineup

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• The Front Bar’s Mick, Sam and Andy join Seven’s winning Comm Games lineup
• Wentworth premieres on ABC, Goggle season wraps on TEN, NRL on Nine


The pole vault and diving were some of the sports on offer Thursday as Australia and Seven won more gold. Australia leads the medal tally by a long way, just as Seven leads the ratings by a massive amount after eight nights of competition and another with the Opening Ceremony.

A Commonwealth Games edition of The Front Bar screened late in the night with 319,000 – 54,000 in Sydney and Perth and 126,000 in Melbourne.

Commonwealth Games on Seven

April 4: Opening Ceremony 2.0m, Primetime primary share 43.8%
April 5: Night 1 1.23m/1.16m, Afternoon 554k, Day 418k, Primetime primary share 33.0%
April 6: Night 2 1.01/1.09m, Late night 566k, Afternoon 468k, Primetime primary share 30.7%
April 7: Night 3 979/973k, Late night 499k, Afternoon 583k, Day 471k, Primetime primary share 32.3%
April 8: Night 4 1.24/1.24m, Afternoon 710k, Day 482k, Late night 466k, Primetime primary share 31.4%
April 9: Night 5 1.33/1.45m, Late 539k, Afternoon 458k, Day 321k, Primetime primary share 29.2%
April 10: Night 6 1.24m/1.48m, Late 624k, Afternoon 515k, Day 341k, Primetime primary share 34.2%
April 11: Night 7 1.15/1.19m, Late 474k, Afternoon 428k, Primetime primary share 31.5%
April 12: Night 8 Night 1.09/1.16m, Late 742k, Afternoon 447k, Day 277k, Primetime primary share 32.2%


A car hoon, an insurance fail and the dangers of public Wi-Fi filled out most of A Current Affair with 681,000.

The NRL clash between the Roosters and the Rabbitohs was on 301,000 with 207,000 in Sydney and 93,000 in Brisbane.

The Footy Shows had a metro network audience of 284,000. Sydney did 71,000 while Melbourne was on 131,000.


Maude Garrett was with The Rock on The Project with 411,000 watching.

Week four of Show Me The Movie! followed with 374,000 after 370,000 a week ago. Guests included Sam Simmons, Chrissie Swan and Michala Banas. Chrissie sparred wonderfully with Captain Creasey, but it is Jane Harber who is often the funniest.

Meave O’Mara’s SBS food show was one of the programs watched on the final episode of series seven of Gogglebox. Dope smokers caught on RBT also featured on the show before the viewing families left their respective TV rooms until later in the year. Gogglebox finished the season on 533,000 for TEN.


The first of the four-part Kiri starring Britain’s best actress Sarah Lancashire started at 8pm with 424,000.

Then it was time for series one, episode one of Wentworth, which did 203,000.


Great British Railway Journeys again led the way with 221,000.

Next best was Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail on 125,000 and World News on 124,000.

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