Kennedy Molloy roadshow holds Long Lunch at Mark Ricciuto’s Adelaide pub

The drive show finishes its week on the road in Perth!.

Day four of The Kennedy Molloy Long Lunch Tour hit Adelaide. The program has been showcasing the respective Triple M breakfast shows in each market and at this stop Roo and Ditts were the local Triple M heroes.

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In fact the Adelaide Long Lunch was held at Adelaide’s Alma Tavern owned by Roo – Mark Ricciuto. Mick said he knew it was Roo’s hotel because there are photos of him all over the place.

The Q&A with listeners in Adelaide got a little awkward. With a first question about anchor Dangerous Dave, Mick told the guest to f@#% off. “I do apologise for that,” said Jane Kennedy.

Then later when Mick indicated he would be prepared to take off his Long Lunch T-shirt, Jane noted she would not be. The audience turned and started booing!

Highlight of the show off course was when Dangerous Dave read a sentence from Thursday’s Mediaweek Morning Report on air.

Guests on the Thursday show included stars from the Adelaide Fringe – Triple M’s Lawrence Mooney, Nick Cody and Nazeem Hussain.

The drive show finishes its week on the road Friday night at Perth’s Wembley Hotel.

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