The Living Room returns: Too much Amanda Keller is never enough

The Living Room returns Friday, 29 March at 7.30pm.

The multi-Logie winning Network 10 Friday night regular The Living Room returns to the schedule next week.

The program first hit the airwaves in 2012 and this year will celebrate its 300th episode. The series is made for 10 by WTFN Productions who base the production team inside 10’s Sydney HQ.

The return also means the show’s host Amanda Keller will bookend the week for 10 – she appears on Dancing With The Stars on Mondays and will now again usher in the weekend on The Living Room from next Friday.

Keller returns with her Living Room colleagues Dr. Chris Brown, Barry Du Bois and Miguel Maestre who cosy up on The Living Room couch for an eighth season.

In next Friday’s series return, Du Bois helps Fiona, Belinda and their five children find some breathing space. With three of the boys sharing one room, the couple’s previous attempts to renovate has left every wall in their home in tatters. With some nifty thinking, he turns this curveball into a curve-wall and gives the boys a space of their own.

In the crystal waters of Mo’orea, Tahiti, Dr Chris swims free with the pod. In one of the only places in the world where you can swim with whales, marine biologist Rodolphe Holler and Brown journey beyond the island’s reef to swim with a Humpback calf and watch these gentle giants up-close.

Maestre teams up with the queen of chocolate, Kirsten Tibballs, to create some mouth-watering chocolate lollypops with the world’s newest blend of chocolate, Ruby Chocolate.

The Living Room returns Friday, 29 March at 7.30pm.

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