Rio Report: Aussies tune in to watch athletes winning medals in swimming

At halfway mark of Rio 2016, Seven has served 23.5m online streams

Seven's Scott McGrory, Kate Bates and Phil Liggett at the Rio Olympic Velodrome

As Australia’s medal tally edged a little higher over the weekend, Seven has been able to keep viewing on its primary channel above 1m for key parts of the day. On Sunday that was for the daytime session from 9am until early afternoon, and then the evening highlights show In Rio Today.

The Seven numbers are pushed even higher when factoring in the online streams being served via the 7 Olympics app which, as of the end of day 9 of competition, had served a total of 23.5m streams, 1.9m of them on day 9.
Nine had good Sunday numbers for its News and 60 Minutes, but TEN was unable to get anything over 500,000.

The Olympics might just be overshadowed though on the final day next Sunday by some fierce competition away from the Games as Nine and TEN fire up their final 14 weeks of survey with the launches of The Block and Survivor Australia.

The Olympics day eight delivered Seven an audience just over 400,000 early in the day. The numbers peaked late morning for Australia’s final chance to win medals in the pool.

This is how the numbers looked for the end of day 8 and the start of day 9:
Morning 425,000,000
Day 8 – day 1.17m
Day 8 – highlights 749,000
Seven News 1.52m
In Rio Today 1.17m
Day 9 – evening 932,000
Day 9 late – 556,000
Online streams day 9 – 1.9m (Cume streams days 1-9 23.5m)

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