Rio Report: Seven pulls lowest shares for week

The screens of Seven continue to attract big crowds

The screens of Seven (as the multiplatform Olympic fortnight is being described by the broadcaster) continue to attract big crowds.

However, the network had its lowest primetime primary and combined channel shares for the week. Seven reminds us today though the 24-hour combined channel share was 43.3% which beats the closest broadcaster by 23 share points.

Some of the key primetime programs elsewhere didn’t take the expected hit up against Olympic programming. ABC’s Gruen was the #1 non-news or Olympic show of the night with 865,000.

TEN’s The Bachelor was actually able to grow its audience week-on-week as it went up against day-four highlights where Australia added little to its medal tally.


Although the numbers were down on previous days, the Olympic games coverage was the leader in all dayparts. This is how the numbers looked across the day for the end of day four and the start of day five:

Sunrise 420,000
Day four – day 570,000
Day four – highlights 495,000
The Chase 581,000/814,000
Seven News 1.27m/962,000 (No Adelaide & Perth at 6.30pm)
In Rio Today 1.01m
Day 5 – evening 919,000
Day 5 late – 457,000
Online streams day 5 – 2.4m

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