Presto Top 10

Presto: Sally Rawsthorne’s Top 10 to help fill your Queen’s Birthday holiday

By Sally Rawsthorne

1. Aquarius

David Duchovny stars in the NBC series, which was recently picked up by Presto. Set in sunny California in the idyllic 1960’s… when Charles Manson was planning his horrific crimes. The series centres around an undercover cop, who aims to get Manson and his deranged family before they commit the murders of Roman Polanski‘s wife Sharon Tate and seven others.


2. Sex And The City

Sure, it’s unrealistic, materialistic, dated and not the most intellectual television around – but it’s really fun (although grating to see what Carrie could purportedly afford on her salary as a columnist). Have a stroll down memory lane as you watch the four friends negotiate love, life and of course, shoes – and enjoy the seriously 90’s hair and clothes moments.

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3. Son’s of Anarchy

The cult classic has found its way to Presto, with the first five season available on the streaming service. The infectious series does feature extreme violence, so viewer discretion is definitely advised.

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4. Wentworth

Quality Aussie television is always worth watching, and Wentworth is no exception to that rule. Set in a women’s prison, the first two seasons of the gritty, ASTRA-winning series are available to view on the Presto platform. Presto has a whole section of it’s website dedicated to.


5. Entourage

Ahead of watching the much-anticipated movie which has just hit cinema screens in Australia, the LA lads are on Presto for a binge watch of their debauchery and mischief. While definitely not the best-looking of the bunch, Ari and Lloyd are standouts.

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6. Californication

In the same vein as Entourage, Californication is a Hollywood dreamscape turned nightmare for our protagonist, whose relationship falls apart upon him sleeping with a girl younger than his daughter. Hilarity – not for Duchovny’s Hank Moody, but for the audience – ensues.

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7. I Love You Phillip Morris

Perhaps surprisingly, this isn’t a hard-hitting documentary looking at the troubled tobacco giant. Rather, it’s a gay prison love story starring Jim Carrey. We were stunned too.

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8. Rocky

Ahead of the slated November release of the next Rocky spin-off, catch up on all six of the cult classics. Be sure to sing along with Eye of the Tiger.


9. Devil’s Plaground

Last year’s Foxtel truimph – on which reporters who wrote about child abuse in the Catholic Church acted as script advisors – is chilling, compelling television. The series is at times hard to watch, but is always worthwhile.

Devil's Playground

10. The Slap

Christos Tsiolkas‘ epic tome was made into a television series for the ABC several years ago, but remains relevant to viewers now. The self-destruction of the families involved makes for tough viewing at times.

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