Podcast Week: Sarah gets Hamish + Politics, Goggleboxers & Mirth

• There are many podcasters who would feel jealous of Grynberg

We all yearn to live a great life, but what does that actually look like and how can we all lead one? A new podcast from an experienced radio and podcast producer isn’t afraid to tackle the big questions.

In the new series A Life of Greatness, host Sarah Grynberg interviews some of the world’s thought-leaders, sports legends, entertainers, best-selling authors and inspiring minds as they explain how they have overcome challenges, conquered self-limiting beliefs and connected with a deeper sense of self to achieve greatness in their lives, and provide practical tips and advice for how you can too.

There are many podcasters who would feel jealous of Grynberg, even before they listen to an episode. Why? Because she managed to get time one-on-one with Hamish Blake. Getting the great man on the record without him constantly cracking jokes is a massive win, both for Grynberg and her audience. Blake talks about his life, his family, meditation and living in the moment. He is much more than a joke machine…who knew?

Sarah Grynberg and Hamish Blake

Grynberg knows her way around a studio and it shows. She has worked in breakfast radio and produces a number of podcasts for PodcastOne including Hamish & Andy, The Alternative Truth and Adam Shand’s crime podcasts.

As a producer, Grynberg has been a great listener.

I have been fortunate in meeting some wonderful people and I have been fascinated about how some people achieve greatness and some don’t,” she told Mediaweek. “I have been lucky enough to see a side of Hamish Blake for example that no one else sees. Behind the humour and the glitter is an empathetic soul who is so grateful and one of the most beautiful people I have worked with.”

In Mediaweek’s interviews with podcasters, we meet some very passionate people, but none more so than Grynberg as she described her work. “It humbles me to be the guide for these people to talk. If one person can listen to these podcasts and it changes their life then I think my job is done.

“We have some great stories and hear how people come back from trauma to lead such great lives, whilst some others don’t. What is it about those people?”

Grynberg mentions guest Dr Joe Dispenza who was injured while training for a marathon. “As a neuroscientist he was able to retrain his brain to allow him to have an operation to be pain free. He has dedicated his life’s work to trying to help others to do the same.”

Sarah Grynberg and Joe Dispenza

Other episodes include talks with fellow PodcastOne host Wayne Schwass on healing from depression and bestselling author Gretchin Rubin on living a happy life.

All the A Life Of Greatness podcasts are under 30 minutes, some under 20, making it easier to binge through this season. Grynberg records for longer, but then edits down.

Being tighter with the edit makes it accessible for more people which is what I wanted.

Listen to A Life Of Greatness here.

The Scrutineers: The Australian launches another new podcast

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has handed down his first budget, but will it be a vote winner that brings back the base ahead of next month’s election? That was the topic on the first episode of The Australian’s new politics podcast, The Scrutineers. Alice Workman speaks to colleagues Dennis Shanahan, Rick Morton and James Jeffrey about the budget that has kicked off the next federal election campaign.

In the podcast’s first seven days, the prolific Workman, a former BuzzFeed Canberra reporter who recently moved to News Corp, delivered three episodes.

Listen to The Scrutineers here.

Comedy Festival provides plenty for Mirth

Alex Dyson and Kyran Wheatley are ex-Triple J hosts and they launched a new comedy podcast called Mirth just last month. They have set a cracking pace with 15 episodes already in the space of three weeks. Our favourites from a sampling include their time with Tom Ballard and Geraldine Hickey.

They are recording the podcasts during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at a pop-up bar they opened called BOB Bar.

Listen to Mirth here.

Gogglebox duo getting 5-star treatment

Self-confessed Gogglebox couch potatoes Adam Densten and Symon Lovett have dipped a toe in the podcast pool (more of a swirling ocean these days) with The Adam & Symon Show.

Explaining the genesis of their show they said: “Two mates were chatting. One of them said, ‘we should do a podcast’.” Adam and Symon heard those guys talking and thought they should also do a podcast. “We talk tall tales, take tangents and will try to save the world – one trivial problem at a time. New episode each Tuesday! (Or Wednesday, when we inevitably forget to upload an episode on Tuesday.)”

Listen to The Adam & Symon Show here.

My Top 5: Double episode with Nathan Cook & Peita Pacey

Nathan Cook, Managing Director, Wavemaker Melbourne

The Squiz
I listen to this every morning – it gives a great summary of the previous day’s news and global topics and is a very succinct way to start the day.

EFTM by Trevor Long
A great consumer interpretation on technology and lifestyle trends that is very forward facing.

Being a keen traveller, and having quite a few clients in the travel industry, this podcast is a great source of knowledge on current matters. It’s not the best-produced podcast, but the content is very interesting.

American Scandal
Off the back of the crime genre, I got very interested in true crime like Golden State Killer, then progressed into a great series that looks at more of the political/corporate issues such as the corruption in the New York State Senate, Iran Contra and BALCO.

Hamish & Andy
I’ve always enjoyed their humour, both on radio and TV, so when Hamish and Andy moved to podcasting it worked so well and showcased the medium in a different way to the majority of content. It feels like one of the first pieces of local content that helped drive mass adoption of the medium by bringing a lot of non-consumers on board to sample.

My Top 5: Peita Pacey, Head of Strategy, OMD Sydney

If you’re a Voice tech junkie like me (complete with huge interest and no capability), this is for you. In-depth interviews with the current experts and creators of the technology that is set to change the way we interact with machines. It’s nerdtastic!

The Rewatchables
Insanely good banter about your favourite re-watchable movies delivered by film journalists from The Ringer. It definitely helps to justify watching The Godfather or Pretty Woman for the 37th time, and keeps me laughing on my Tuesday morning Sydney commutes!

Who the Hell is Hamish?
The Australian’s latest true crime instalment. Why the Northern Beaches of Sydney has been a hotspot of deplorable criminals is a mystery in itself, Hamish will instil fear into anyone looking to make a quick buck.

Next X – JWT Intelligence
Keeping one step ahead of the consumer and technology trend curve is easier each week with this future focused content about what’s on its way and why we should care.

The frustrated amateur psychologist in me adores these investigations into the intrinsic motivations of why we behave the way we do. We really are simultaneously ridiculously complex and simple creatures.

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