Perth: Mix 94.5 only station up with Clairsy, Matt & Kymba back on top

• A lift in drive means Kennedy Molloy is now the #1 drive show in the market, overtaking Nova.

Biggest rise: Mix 94.5 +0.8
Biggest fall: Hit 92.9 -1.6

Mix 94.5 15.6%

The station is able to boast it is the only commercial licence that grew its share this survey. In doing so it ranks both #1 10+ and #1 in breakfast. The station has replicated its shares form the first two surveys of last year. Breakfast with Clairsy, Matt and Kymba won the first three surveys of last year and will be hoping to start a new winning streak. A lift in drive means Kennedy Molloy is now the #1 drive show in the market, overtaking Nova.

Nova 93.7 12.2%

After five breakfast wins and three station wins in 2018, Nova has had to settle for second spot to start 2018. Breakfast with Nathan, Nat and Shaun was down 1.7 to 13.2%, which is lower than all but one survey result last year. Afternoon saw the numbers tumble most with share down 4.0 to 11.1%.

Hit 92.9 9.4%

After a year of five surveys in double figures, share hasn’t been this low since the end of 2017. This is also the second lowest station share for breakfast in the past three years. All dayparts dropped – drive with Hughesy and Kate did it tough as share fell 2.9 to 11.1%.

96FM 7.8%

The station continues what seems like a rollercoaster ride from recent highs over 10% to share of 7.5%. Breakfast too bounces around a bit with 6.2% this survey close to the lowest in three years. Afternoon remains the station’s sweet spot with 9.6% this survey.

6PR 7.0%

This is a much better start than the station managed last year with a survey one share in 2018 of 6.2%. Breakfast too with 9.3% is up on Steve and Baz’s 2018 start on 8.6%. But both numbers are down on how the station ended 2018.

6iX 5.0%

Breakfast was steady on 4.6%, which is down on any of the 2018 survey results. Significant drops during the day here though with morning down 1.8 to 5.0% and afternoon off 1.9 to 4.6%. The station might want to check its survey results 55-64 where share dropped 8.7 to 9.5%.

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