Come Together 2018: Damian Eales’s message to News Corp Australia advertisers

• ‘Our media, our technology, and our marketing services will deliver for your business’

News Corp Australia set a blistering pace this week as it launched its Come Together – News Future presentations. Australia’s biggest publisher also did it very differently this time.

• Come Together 2018: News Corp Australia unveils new suite of commercial initiatives

News Corp chose Melbourne, the home of HWT, to launch its roadshow and it ran eight separate upfront events under the Come Together umbrella. Sydney gets to see the product showcase in two weeks.

Its presenters were kept very busy too – on the first day of presentations there were three separate sessions, each of them divided into four groups rotating through the rooms of South Yarra’s Olsen Hotel. News Corp had commandeered the first and 14th floors of the building.

Before guests split into four groups for the eight separate presentations, they were welcomed by News Corp Australia chief operating officer Damian Eales.

After showing the latest News Corp reel, Eales said: “In our latest campaign, we proudly promote our connection with communities.

“Why? Well, communities are all about belonging.

“You see, we believe that people read to know… and know to belong.

“When you consider that over three-quarters of a population like Townsville read the Townsville Bully each week, you get it.

“We’re for these communities, like no other media company can be. We’re trusted by these communities.

“And there’s that word again… trust, the word of the moment. In a world of fake news, foul content and faux measures, trust has never been more important.

“Well, stay tuned, because today we have an antidote.”

Eales thanked the media agency executives and clients in the audience for giving up their time and he promised to make it worth their while, giving them reasons to want to talk more to News Corp about the new opportunities available to them.

“We want News Futures to be the start of a future conversation with your brand,” said Eales.

“Rather than introduce every showcase you are about to see, there are four themes you should look out for today.

“First, you’ll hear that we’re for Clever Content, not just any content. We’re for time well spent, for content worth sharing, for building content brands – not branded content. We’re for the art of the craft… and the science of being seen.

“Second, you’ll hear that we’re ‘the future digital network’. We’re for connecting customers in the moments that matter, using brands they trust. We’re for helping you reach your customers simply, selectively and at scale, for narrowcasting with News Connect 2.0 – our enhanced data product. And we’re for storytelling at scale with News Native Networks.

“Third, you’ll hear that we are more than media. We’re for print, sure, but we’re for so much more, for whole solutions, not partial problems. We’re for the data that we depend on and for serving more of your needs.

“And finally, I hope the biggest thing you take away from today is that we’re for results.

No-one buys twice what doesn’t work once. And we’ll back ourselves that our media, our technology, and our marketing services will deliver for your business.

Closing out his introduction, Eales promised advertisers results that are measurable and real.

Top photo: Damian Eales and News Corp Australia managing director National Sales Lou Barrett at Come Together

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