News Corp asks: ‘Do you know really know where your ads are?’

“Advertisers have the right to know where their media budget is going”

News Corp Australia has launched a new trade campaign aimed at advertisers telling them they have the right to know where their media budget is going and where their ads are being seen.

The banner headline on the campaign says: “Do you really know where your ads are today?”

And answer underneath says: “News does.”

Australia’s biggest print and digital publisher then tells advertisers:

“We’re proud to say we not only have Nielsen’s #1 news and current affairs site ( but also through our digital networks we speak to over 10 million Australians every month.

“It’s not fake or faux – it’s Real News”.

The recently promoted chief digital officer for News Corp Australia, Nicole Sheffield, told The Australian today:

“There has been a lot of discussion and coverage on media transparency over recent months and we wanted to take a proactive stance on these issues by launching this campaign to showcase our strengths and commitment to providing accountable, effective solutions for advertisers.

“We’re launching this national advertising campaign with a view to reassuring our customers that protecting and enhancing their brands is our No 1 priority. The ­reality is that advertisers have the right to know where their media budget is going and News will ­supply them with what they were promised.

“As a provider of premium digital products and brands, we champion quality content and commitment to brand safety and media transparency every day.

“We are creators and publishers of content, so we understand context is critical.

“Our network of sites is ­designed not just to protect brands, but to enhance them.

“We’re very proud of the ­service we deliver to our advertisers and the products we build and develop content for.”

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