Mediaweek TV Guide – 21 September 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado.

The Bachelorette Australia
7.30pm on TEN
New bachelorette Georgia Love is looking for love. And with a name like that, who can blame her for ditching her Tasmanian news reading job? Sixteen Aussie blokes are lined up to to capture her heart, but will they sort out a “bro code” like last year’s lot did? Unlike The Bachelor’s women, the blokes are mostly brunette instead of blonde, and just one appears to be a non-Caucasian.

Scream Queens
9.15pm on TEN and Eleven
Why the hell would TEN wait a week between finishing Offspring and starting The Wrong Girl (which doesn’t begin till next week) given those encouraging ratings for Nine’s new Aussie drama Doctor Doctor last week? After several encore screenings of its premiere, expect ratings to rise for episode two of Doctor Doctor tonight while TEN premieres series two of Ryan Murphy’s other horror TV series.

Scream Queens moves its action from the blood-soaked university campus to a new hospital setting and welcomes new cast members Kirstie Alley, John Stamos, and Taylor Lautner – alongside established series stars Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis. That’s a wicked ensemble, but TEN must be kidding themselves if they think a simulcast of an Eleven drama will beat a hot new Aussie drama. Wrong move for The Wrong Girl, Ten.

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