Mediaweek Podcast – Magazine Industry – Ep 3

Mediaweek’s Magazine Industry Podcast
Episode 003
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* Sarah Oakes – Editor – Cleo
* Sarah Cornish – Editor – Girlfriend
* Angus Fontaine – Editor-In-Chief – Time Out Sydney
* James Manning – Editor – Mediaweek
* Brenden Wood – Moderator

* 2009 Cleo Bachelor Of The Year – Axle Whitehead
* Cleo’s November Swimsuit issue
* Girlfriend’s National Compliments Day
* Girlfriend’s Model Search
* Russell Brand’s phone number on the front cover of Time Out Sydney
* Magazine special issues and souvenir issues
* The ingredients that are needed to create Cleo, Girlfriend & Time Out Sydney
* ‘Best Of’ lists and ‘number’ headlines still work for magazines
* The Sydney Magazine – The Most Powerful People In Sydney issue
* Voting for Girlfriend Of The Year
* Time Out Sydney operates a 6 star review of products and services
* Time Out Sydney ensures independence in their restaurant reviews by paying for meals
* The success of Girlfriend’s My Space site / Girlfriend’s bullying initiative
* Cleo’s website
* Time magazine and Good Weekend magazine
* Girlfriend’s Think Do Be Positive campaign
* Video and audio content on the Girlfriend website
* Follow Cleo, Girlfriend and Time Out Sydney on Twitter
* Kellie from Hi 5 strips for Ralph
* What mags do magazine editors read?
* Sarah Cornish is part of the Federal Government’s National Advisory Group on Body Image

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