Media Moments 2017: Zara Cobb, Blue 449

Agency execs name their top media moments from 2017

To help us analyse the year we have called on executives from Australia’s finest media agencies. Special thanks to all those who took part and, to those who didn’t, we will be after you next year! Most popular references included listening to Spotify or Triple J’s Ben and Liam, while a lot of respondents enjoyed the OMD Big Day Outs!

Zara Cobb, Head of Strategy and Planning, Blue 449

Best event you attended in 2017?

I would have to say TEDx. It was just a great blend of thinking that both challenged and inspired me in equal measure.

Favourite breakfast radio show?

ABC Breakfast News. It’s the only time in the day I get to just digest what’s happening in the world in any real way and I appreciate the “factual” approach they have so I feel like I at least know what is going on in the world.

TV show on any platform you can’t get enough of?

I have been obsessed with Mindhunter on Netflix but I am a documentary fan really so fewer series and more one-offs. I just watched an eye-opening doco called Icarus, which is topical with the news about Russia’s ban from the Winter Olympics. Really recommend it.

Memorable media moment from 2017?

The Weinstein news. I think it’s one of those pivotal moments when you can feel the sands moving, not just within the film industry but in all industries. It feels like, suddenly, accountability and equality are really on the agenda and in discussions around how we make sure this never happens again and not just corporations playing lip service.

New Year’s Resolution?

Resolutions are a fallacy and designed to make people feel bad when they don’t happen. Instead I am just going to spend 2018 focusing on personal happiness and growth in whatever form that takes.

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