Meaningful content in the right places: Simon Joyce’s Emotive

Emotive’s Simon Joyce: First 100 days “Australia’s fast growing content marketing business”

By Sally Rawsthorne

“We are entering an age whereby the only content that a consumer sees is content that they have self-selected,” Emotive CEO Simon Joyce asserted at APN News and Media’s Investor Day. As such, brands must adapt to the reality that they are now publishers, and require emotive content at a time where paid and owned media work together. Enter Emotive, the brainchild of Joyce and one-sixth of the APN News and Media offering.

The self-described “passion point content marketers” are Australia’s fastest-growing content marketing agency Joyce said, whose goal is to work with brands to inject an emotional connection to content that would be consumed by the right audience.

“The mix of video and events are key in entertainment culture, being what people are loving, liking, hashtagging, what’s trending. Video is our absolute focus, and the power of social video is what we’re championing here, and you’ll find that I our view video is the dominant ingredient of content marketing,” Joyce continued.

He was keen to emphasise Emotive’s unique advantage – it’s access to APN’s suite of other products. “The beauty of our solution is that everything that we do is coming from a content lens, but then we look at how that can extend through the power of radio and the power of the likes of Adshel. That competitive advantage is clear, but we do maintain our independence – importantly, we can still chase the right audience, wherever they may be. We know that no two audiences are the same, but as a content marketing business, linked to the power of a media owner of this scale is a great benefit.”

Emotive achieves this across its three key pillars –creation, amplication and advertisement. He pointed to the Ricky Gervais ad for the Optus/Netflix partnership as a good example of how Emotive can create engaging content then push it out on social and distribute in a big radio (ARN) and outdoor (AdShel) campaign. “We connect through content that entertains,” Joyce said.

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