Awks! Hughesy caught off guard by young girl

Mediaweek heard many members of the crowd buzzing about the set

Comedian David “Hughesy” Hughes had the crowd in fits at his stand-up gig in Sydney last week.

The co-host of KIIS Network’s drive slot spent the first 20 minutes picking on audience members coming into the auditorium late. When he asked why they failed to show up on time, some of the excuses he was given were “beer” and “rain”.

Hughesy spent much of the hour-long session talking about his children and wife. Some of the jokes about his marriage were quite raunchy, so it got a little awkward when he spoke with a member of the audience, who turned out to be a 12-year-old girl. Hughes was caught off guard by this and spent the next few minutes laughing nervously before deciding to proceed with a final (still inappropriate) joke.

Hughes took a dig at the current season of Ten’s The Biggest Loser, criticising one of the contestants for being a bit light-weight. He also didn’t shy away from talking about the 2016 season of Seven’s Australia’s Got Talent, which he had hosted.

“Who watched that?” he asked the crowd. “That’s right, nobody,” he said. “That’s why it isn’t even coming back this year.”

Mediaweek heard many members of the crowd buzzing about the set after the show.

Among the audience were Hughes’ drive co-host Kate Langbroek and the newly appointed chief executive of the Australian Radio Network Rob Atkinson.

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