Creative industry shows support for government’s anti-piracy legislation

Media and entertainment organisations rally in support of the recent legislation aimed at stemming the growth of online piracy.

Media and entertainment organisations have rallied in support of the recent legislation aimed at stemming the growth of online piracy.

APRA AMCOS has welcomed the passing of the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill through the Senate.

APRA AMCOS CEO Brett Cottle, who was involved in a special Senate Committee Hearing to investigate the merits of the Bill, has welcomed its passing:

“It will give to creative industries a means to fight back, it will assist in changing the behaviour of Australian consumers and, most importantly, it will send a powerful, practical and symbolic message to the artists and creators of Australia.

“Australia’s creative industries have been waiting for a very long time for Parliament to provide an expression of support and respect for their work and their place in the life of the nation.”

The subscription TV industry has also supported the legislation:

“Australians employed in the television industry make important contributions to our economy and culture, and it’s vital their endeavours be supported by laws that help ensure fair reward for their effort,” ASTRA CEO Andrew Maiden said.

“The nearly 7,000 Australians working in subscription television are delighted the Coalition and Labor have worked cooperatively to protect their legitimate rights,” he said.

“A recent study in the United Kingdom found that website blocking legislation caused a dramatic 77% decline in traffic to blocked pirate websites in the two months following its introduction,” Maiden said.
The Copyright Agency | Viscopy welcomed the new legislation.

CEO of the organisation Murray St Leger said: “We applaud both the major parties’ support for the legislation to shut down these sites which facilitate massive online theft at the expense of creators. Online theft hurts Australian writers, visual artists, photographers, journalists and publishers.”

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