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It's a Nova Red Room Global Tour special this week:

Podcast 50/2014:
Nova Red Room Global Tour #1

Tony Thomas, group marketing director, Nova Entertainment
Insights into how Nova Entertainment runs its Red Room operation and how the sponsors for the Global Tour became involved. Hear about the challenges the company faced with logistics, costs and finding the artists. Essential listening if you should have your brand associated with special events like this and probably good to listen to if you work in the media business and have ever run a competition for listeners. Recorded in the Qantas lounge at LAX during the Samantha Jade Red Room.
(Check out our first Tony Thomas podcast too from 18 months ago talking about marketing basics and his marketing career in and out of the media sector.)


Podcast 51/2014:
Nova Red Room Global Tour #2

Kent Small (Smallzy), Nova Network evening host, Tour MC
Nova's ACRA-winning national evening host is the Nova brand's music guru and he appears on his second Mediaweek podcast recorded at the end of the Global Tour. As well as covering off all the action from the tour, Smallzy talks about his evening show this year, his relationships with music companies (and who needs who most) and we even get to hear about his strictly behind-the-scenes executive producer Zach.

Podcast 52/2014:
Nova Red Room Global Tour #3
Nigel Lopez-McBean
, assistant director social media & content marketing, Optus (the sponsor)
The final podcast in this series of three recorded in the USA. We tracked down the rep for sponsor Optus in one of the biggest breakfast buffets in Las Vegas. Lopez-McBean had been not just living it large in swanky hotels full of beautiful people and popstars, he had been filming them too. He gives us some insights into the soon-to-be released piece of content he has been filming during the Global Tour. He also talks about Optus and how social media plays an important part of marketing and customer satisfaction for the telco. Nigel is such a good bloke he will have you thinking about saying Yes and tearing up your existing telco contact if you're with a competitor!

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Julian Clarke appointed chief executive of News Corp Australia

News Corp announced today the appointment of Julian Clarke as chief executive of News Corp Australia. He succeeds Kim Williams, who is stepping down from the position following a nearly 20-year career with News Corp. Clarke begins his new role on Monday, August 12.

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Kim Williams departs News Corp after 20 years

News Corp announced today that Kim Williams (left) has resigned his post as chief executive of News Corp Australia, a role he has held since December 2011.

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Brett Clegg to run NSW News Corp business division


News Corp Australia has announced the appointment of Brett Clegg (left) as regional director, New South Wales. Clegg will be responsible for the business division meeting its consumer, commercial and operational targets.
News Corp Australia’s CEO Kim Williams said, “Brett brings a strong mixture of editorial and commercial skills to the company.  We are delighted he has decided to return.
“Brett has a thorough working knowledge of the varied ways customers are consuming news today. He also understands advertisers’ needs to connect with audiences in smart ways that build brands and promote and sell products.
“Brett joins News Corp Australia at an exciting time. We have invested strongly in our media assets and products and in backing journalism through things such as our new editorial management system," Williams added.

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News Limited starts the meter running, adds news+

The chief executive officer of News Limited, Kim Williams, has announced the launch of a new digital subscription service for The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun together with a fresh addition: news+, a product enhancement to support the company’s rollout of digital subscription products across its network.
The launch includes the integration of content from Fox Sports with News’ masthead sports content and an enhanced ability to serve local audiences with targeted content which meets specific interests and needs. The new subscription products will offer enhanced local content to subscribers in a range of completely renovated digital sites with exclusive sports content and a new metered subscription model for access to those key mastheads.

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Mark Hollands replaces Tony Hale at Newspaper Works

The chairman of The Newspaper Works, Kim Williams, has announced the appointment of Mark Hollands as the organisation’s new chief executive officer.
Williams said: “The Board is delighted that Mark has accepted the position of CEO of The Newspaper Works. He has a long record of achievement in the media sector and joins the organisation at a time rich with real opportunity as a result of the transformation of our sector.
“Mark will take the organisation forward at a time when media companies are investing in new relevant ways for the provision of journalism and a rich diversity of products from it.

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Kim Williams' speech to the Melbourne Press Club

If I was asked to sum up in a single word what the media profession needs more of today, my answer would be ‘optimism’.
Our job in the media industry is ultimately about story-telling, so let me start with a story – a somewhat dismaying one for all of us – which was related to me recently.
It involved a hard-bitten senior newspaper sub-editor offering insights and advice to a recent journalism graduate hunting for his first full-time job. To cut to the chase, the insight was that there’s no future in journalism; and the advice was that he should be realistic and seek a different career.
In other words, give up all hope. To which the tyro responded by saying that he’d in fact already given up and was applying for jobs in corporate P.R.

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Fiorella Di Santo appointed News Ltd group director - sales

The chief executive officer of News Limited, Kim Williams, has announced the appointment of Fiorella Di Santo as the company’s group director – sales.
Di Santo, who has been promoted from the role of deputy director of sales, reports to Williams and succeeds Tony Kendall who resigned from the company last week. The appointment is effective immediately.

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News Limited CEO Kim Williams Speech to 2012 PANPA Forum

6th September 2012

For those of us with ink in our corporate arteries and veins, today’s PANPA Future Forum finds us living in the most turbulent of times. Across our region and around the world, the pace and depth of the changes being driven by consumers and the digital economy has hit newspapers with a combination of punches. The blows have left some managers hanging onto the ropes like prize-fighters struggling for ideas and others doing large arm thrusts of victory.

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Neil Breen leaves Sunday Telegraph & quits News Ltd 

News Limited’s chief executive Kim Williams has announced that Neil Breen has resigned as editor of The Sunday Telegraph. After six-and-a-half years in the role and more than 20 years with News Ltd, Breen has decided to leave the company.

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Herald Sun editor Simon Pristel departs

Simon Pristel has been editor of Australia's largest-selling daily newspaper for four years, as well as overseeing the digital integration of the newsroom, launch of the digital paywall, iPad app and mobile site.
Before editing the daily Herald Sun, Pristel was editor of the Sunday Herald Sun, taking it to record circulation.

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